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Professional wireless security has never been easier. Expandable, remote-controlled, easily adjustable. And it looks good too!

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JABLOTRON UK 100 Wireless Alarm System

The JABLOTRON UK 100 is a revolutionary wireless burglar alarm or wired hybrid system designed to protect premises. Suitable for both residential areas as well as shops, offices, warehouses, workshops, etc. It can report a break-in, fire, health problems, assault and other possible risks. The system also offers home automation (the remote control of appliances, heating control, switching appliances on with a motion detector, detectors for sensing door/window opening or remote control).


  • Communication protocol - 868mhz
  • 50 wireless or BUS hardwired zones
  • 6 sections
  • 8 programmable outputs
  • 20 independent calenders / timers
  • 8 users system reports to by sms
  • 4 GB memory for event storage, voice messages, image saving etc.
  • Inbuilt GSM/GPRS/LAN communicator for voice, SMS or GPRS communication with end users or Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC)
  • Backup rechargeable battery up to 18 Ah
  • 4 settable ARCs
  • Remote Access Smart phone App for controlling Alarm
  • Certification to EN 50131 grade 2

why choose JABLOTRON 100

Alarm with revolutionary control


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